Sell Your Home Quicker By Lighting It Right!

If you are selling your home you will be undoubtedly thinking of ways of boosting its saleability, by checking the interior decoration is up to date as well as other home improvements.

One area that home sellers frequently neglect is the lighting of the property.

But do you even know your wall sconces from your inbouwspots LED? If that sounds like double Dutch, then you could do with a few tips…


Somewhere that is often overlooked is the outside of the property. And yet this is the first impression that a potential buyer will have of your home.

LED fittings can be affixed to the exterior of your house and these make the ideal choice of outdoor lighting. This is because they can withstand the heat and cold, as well as rain and other adverse weather conditions.

Using outdoor LED spots can ensure that your front door is well lit.

Also, the use of garden LEDs dotted about on the path on the way to your door means no one will fall over in the dark!

Exterior lighting not only makes it easier for you to get to your door, but it puts your visitors at their ease too.

A home buyer may be put off from buying if they are made to feel unsafe in your neighbourhood.

The simple addition of some inbouw spots outside the house could change the perception of your prospective buyers.


Once outside has been fixed, it is then time to turn your attention to the interior.

Before you even look at the styles of lamps and shades to have in your home, you need to look at the type of lighting you have.

Are you still using incandescent bulbs? Because if so, it is time to make the switch to LEDs.

For a start off, these save a phenomenal amount of money in electricity costs, as well as in the longevity of the bulb itself.

A buyer may be glad of the fact that you have installed money saving inbouwspots kopen for them, so that they don’t have to.

By upgrading the lighting now, it makes the home look more attractive and all the attendant advantages of this type of lighting, such as the energy saving properties, will be persuasive to buyers.

The next thing to look at is just how old the fittings and fixtures are. Does the property need a rewire? Getting an electrician to look over and possibly rewire it is a good idea, before you even think about putting your home on the market.

Once the fixtures for the lights have been refreshed, it is then time to think about things such as the light switches themselves. If these are very old, they will be off putting to any potential buyer.


Thinking about the light switches themselves gives you the chance to fit dimmer switches to the property.

These offer you much greater control over the ambience in your home.

And by turning the lighting up and down, to exactly the right degree, you can quite literally show your home in the best light possible.

The good news is that LED lights now also work a lot better with dimmer switches, than they used to do. But you do need to ensure that you buy the right bulb and get the correct fittings to go with it.

You can even get Inbouw LED spots Gratis Bezorgd if you live nearby area within 5-10 miles radius.

Creating the exactly right ambience in the bathroom could be that last little detail that wows your potential buyers.

Most people are perhaps not expecting to be able to have a range of different lighting options in the bathroom. Something like badkamer spotjes especially ones that are dimmable, can create an atmosphere of relaxation that everyone wants in the bathroom.


Lighting up dark spots and corners help make your rooms appear larger.

Painting the rooms light colours can also assist with this and will make the whole house look airier.

Accented lighting looks charming in its own right and can be used to highlight whichever art work or features you want on display.

On top of the LED spots, we also advise some decorative lighting. A beautiful standing lamp, especially one that is in, or is visible from the entrance hall, sends a homely appeal out to any potential buyer.

The bottom line of trying to sell your home, is to refresh the lighting and make sure it is up to date – as well as stylish.

All in all, homes which are well lit, don’t have any gloomy dark spots and incorporate built-in LED spots are more likely to impress visitors and buyers.

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